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Sustainable Forest Management

Canson® is FSC® certified which ensures the traceability of our products throughout the processing and marketing chain from the forest to the consumer.

Why are forests certified as sustainably managed?

Forests are subject to numerous climatic, ecological, anthropogenic, societal and economic constraints. The preservation of forests requires coordinated management among their various users. The sustainable forest management certification ensures the preservation of biodiversity, the renewal of the forests, the anticipation of natural disasters, the protection of remarkable habitats, and the reduction of the impacts of forest exploitation for future generations. Certified forests must fulfill economic, ecological and social functions without harming any other ecosystems.
The paper made by Canson® paper mills is certified for the traceability of the wood fibers stemming from non-threatened forests.

Change in global forest cover, 1980-2000 - Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO): Global Forest Resources Assessment.

How can we be sure of the origin of the wood?

Wood goes through numerous hands before it reaches yours. The chain is long and complex. It is essential to keep track of all information throughout the supply chain. This is why each link is certified for the traceability of the wood. Canson® is FSC® certified.

Where does the wood come from for the drawing paper pack?


Canson® paper pulp is 70% produced from forest thinnings, while the remaining 30% comes from sawmill offcuts.

To make Canson® paper, we mix the fibers of coniferous trees with those of deciduous trees. Most of the wood fibers used for the drawing paper pack come from Europe.