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Canson Graduate Book

Graduate Book


The Canson® Graduate range includes products for all uses: sketching, drawing, mixed media techniques, etc. For beginners who are looking for the perfect marriage between paper and technique for easy practice. 

Graduate Sketch & Notes Book

With its smooth ivory paper, the Canson® Graduate Sketch & Notes pad is perfect for all your note-taking and pencil sketches. Ideal for all occasions, it will quickly become your...

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Graduate Drawing Book

With its resistant, light-grain paper, the Canson® Graduate Drawing pad is ideal for all your drawings and sketches. Charcoal, pastels, pencil... Practise and draw your finest...

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Graduate Manga Book

If you like drawing manga, the Canson® Graduate Manga sketchbook is for you! Its smooth, hard-wearing surface makes it the perfect tool for starting or perfecting your Japanese character...

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Graduate Watercolor Book

Canson® Graduate Watercolor notebooks feature a double-sided white paper with a fine, light grain, perfect for learning or perfecting your watercolor skills. Easily transportable, it...

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Graduate Mixed Media white Book

The ultra-versatile Canson® Graduate Mixed Media notebooks in white allow you to create all kinds of works by easily combining media. Painting, drawing, collage... give your creativity...

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Graduate Mixed Media natural and grey Books

Whether you're a beginner or experienced in using mixed media, discover our natural and grey Canson® Graduate Mixed Media notebooks. Their fine grain, textured and smooth double-sided...

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Graduate Drawing stapled Book

Perfect for drawing and sketching, the stapled Canson® Graduate Drawing pad makes it easy to create your most beautiful sketches. Take it with you wherever you go to capture your...

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Canson® Graduate, a complete range for all techniques

Whether you want to learn watercolor, brush up on your drawing skills or improve your painting technique, Canson® Graduate notebooks are for you! They're easy to carry around, so you can practice whatever technique you prefer. 
With their soft or hard covers made from recycled fibres, rounded corners and colored elastic fastenings, these sketchbooks are extremely elegant as well as being very practical. Each one has a gusseted pocket inside for storing all your sketches and designs, plus a pretty bookmark ribbon. Their binding system allows the notebook to be opened flat, making it much easier to paint or draw. 
Our Graduate notebooks come in different weights and types of paper, so you can practice your art on a medium that's just right for you. Some are for sketching, others for watercolor or acrylic markers.

Perfect sketchbooks for beginners and enthusiasts alike

Whether you're a novice or an expert, our Canson® Graduate notebooks are suitable for all levels. They're easy to hold and slip into any bag or suitcase and will accompany you on all your adventures. You'll be able to paint and draw regularly on quality paper, for a beautiful result. 
Looking for inspiration to fill your notebook? Take a look at our tutorials: watercolor, painting, manga, sketching, etc. Our experts will give you all the advice you need to perfect your technique!