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XL® Series


The Canson® XL® range was specifically developed to meet the needs of art students. As they use large quantities of paper, the XL® range features tough pads, with as many as 120 sheets per pad, at a competitive price! XL® also provides them with an opportunity to try out different textures and basis weights according to their personal tastes and the technique involved. There are XL® pads for sketching, drawing, layout and mixed techniques.

XL® Sketch

Canson® XL® Sketch contains a smooth surface, acid free paper that erases cleanly, and is suitable for pencil and pen.

The pads have double wire binding...

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XL® Recycled Sketch

Canson® XL® Recycled Sketch contains a fine textured, acid free paper that erases cleanly, and is suitable for pencil and pen.  The paper contains 30% post...

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XL® Translucent Sketch

Excellent for sketching, layout, and preliminary detailed drawing. The smooth white surface has good erasability and is suitable for pencil, ink, and markers.


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XL® Drawing

Canson® XL® Drawing contains a light textured surface, acid free paper that erases cleanly, and is suitable for pencil and pen.


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XL® Recycled Drawing

Canson® XL® Recycled Drawing contains a medium textured surface, acid free paper that erases cleanly, and is suitable for pencil and pen. This...

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XL® Black Drawing

XL® Black Drawing is a pulp-dyed paper, specially designed for all dry techniques (pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen). This double-sided paper is perfect for sketching and drawing and its...

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XL® Bristol

Canson® XL® Bristol features a heavyweight bright white Bristol paper for high contrast. Exceptionally smooth surface with excellent erasability.  These...

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XL® Recycled Bristol

Canson® XL® Recycled Bristol features the first recycled 2-sided Bristol on the market.  The surface on the front is vellum and on the back is smooth. ...

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XL® Pen & Ink

An ultra smooth, bright white paper that gives the artist clean, crisp lines with no feathering. Perfect for use with felt tip, gel, and ballpoint pens, as well as pigment and
dye inks.


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XL® Marker

XL® Marker is a semi-transparent, very white and very smooth layout paper.
It is water resistant and has a barrier to prevent ink penetration: the ink remains on the surface and...

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XL® Layout Bond roll

Canson XL® layout bond rolls are an all-purpose, lightweight bond with a smooth, slightly-translucent surface. These rolls are great for use with pencil, pen, and ink.


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XL® watercolor

Canson® XL® Watercolor features a cold press textured paper that works beautifully for a variety of techniques.

The durable surface...

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XL® Oil and Acrylic

Canson® XL® Oil and Acrylic features a bleed proof, canvas like textured paper that is ready to use with oil or acrylic without the need of...

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XL® Mixed Media

Canson® XL® Mixed Media features a heavyweight, fine textured paper with heavy sizing for wet and dry media.

It erases well and blends easily.


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XL® Mixed Media Rough

A heavier weight and courser surfaced mix media paper that allows more generous use of wet media and easily grabs hold of dry pigments.

These wire bound pads have micro-perforated true...

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XL® Dry Mixed Media

XL Dry Mixed Media is a paper made from organic, renewable materials. Its special texture allows pigment retention and is an ideal paper for all dry techniques (including pastel, charcoal, carbon,...

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XL® Fluid Mixed Media

XL® Fluid Mixed Media has been specially designed for liquid mixed media techniques, including acrylic inks. Perfect for students, it is also an ideal paper for all liquid...

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XL® Disposable Palette Paper

Eliminate a messy cleanup with a disposable palette pad! The specially treated heavy white paper in Canson XL Disposable Palette Paper Pads is convenient to use when painting with acrylic or oils....

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XL® Newsprint

Canson® XL® Newsprint has a rough surface that is perfect for rapid sketches, drafts, and experimenting. Ideal for charcoal and pencil.


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