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Canson Oil and Acrylic

Oil and Acrylic


The main characteristics of oil paint and acrylic are their opacity and the impasto effects they permit. But that is as far as the comparison goes. Acrylic is water soluble whereas oil paint requires solvents. Acrylic dries fast, whereas oil is particularly slow.
Oil painting is undoubtedly still the most noble, academic technique, but acrylic is more recent and accessible with increasing numbers of enthusiats, both among amateurs and professionals.

XL® Oil and Acrylic

Canson® XL® Oil and Acrylic features a bleed proof, canvas like textured paper that is ready to use with oil or acrylic without the need of...

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Artist Series Acrylic

Canson Acrylic is a heavyweight, textured paper that stays flat and will not buckle. It is sized to provide the ideal level of absorbency for wet media. Save time - Canson Acrylic paper is ready to...

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Artist Series Canva paper

This paper has a canvas-like texture that is treated with a high performance barrier to evenly absorb oil, bonding agents, and water.

It is primed and ready for oil paint, oil sticks, oil...

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XL® Disposable Palette Paper

Eliminate a messy cleanup with a disposable palette pad! The specially treated heavy white paper in Canson XL Disposable Palette Paper Pads is convenient to use when painting with acrylic or oils....

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