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Canson Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts


Graphic arts extend the notion of fine arts to comics, design, illustration or graphic design. In order to get absolute precision, sharpness and consistency, designers, graphic artists and architects can rely on the Canson® Graphic Arts range.

Artist Series Vidalon Vellum

Canson® Vidalon Vellum is an exceptionally translucent paper that is durable and has a very smooth surface.

The paper is resistant to scraping and not affected by...

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Artist Series Graph & Layout

Canson Artist Series Graph & Layout features a gridded paper that simplifies and saves time during the design process.

It is a...

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Artist Series Pro Layout Marker

These semi-translucent, white paper is suitable for drawing or design from rough sketches to finish form. It works beautifully with pen, pencil, and alcohol or solvent markers which won't bleed...

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Artist Series Lettering

Canson® offers 2 pads dedicated to Lettering, the art of drawing letters by playing with textures and graphic elements.
Canson® Lettering paper enables you to...

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Artist Series Comic paper

Canson® offers a range of products for the conceptualization and development of Comic and Manga stories.

- Comic/Manga Illustration: 150lb/250g -...

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Artist Series Acme Punched Paper

Acme hole punched paper for comic animation. 20 lb
bond semi-opaque with good transparency. Good pencil line quality and clean erasure. Available in 10 and 12 field.


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XL® Bristol

Canson® XL® Bristol features a heavyweight bright white Bristol paper for high contrast. Exceptionally smooth surface with excellent erasability.  These...

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XL® Recycled Bristol

Canson® XL® Recycled Bristol features the first recycled 2-sided Bristol on the market.  The surface on the front is vellum and on the back is smooth. ...

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XL® Pen & Ink

An ultra smooth, bright white paper that gives the artist clean, crisp lines with no feathering. Perfect for use with felt tip, gel, and ballpoint pens, as well as pigment and
dye inks.


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XL® Marker

XL® Marker is a semi-transparent, very white and very smooth layout paper.
It is water resistant and has a barrier to prevent ink penetration: the ink remains on the surface and...

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Plein Air Illustration Art Board Pad

This board is brilliant for ink, marker, felt tip pens, and pencils.
These pads are glued on one side and have a convenient fold over cover.

Plein Air boards are the perfect...

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Bristol (Smooth) Art Board

Provides an ideal foundation for pen and ink renderings, technical drawings, or work with hard pencil.
It has a rich, natural white color with a smooth hard surface which is ideal for...

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XL® Layout Bond roll

Canson XL® layout bond rolls are an all-purpose, lightweight bond with a smooth, slightly-translucent surface. These rolls are great for use with pencil, pen, and ink.


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Artist Series Tracing

Designer tools for fine art and crafting. An exceptionally translucent paper with a smooth surface suitable for pencil, ink, and markers that is resistant to scraping.

Artist Series pads...

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Opalux is a white drawing paper with a smooth and translucent texture that provides excellent definition and precision.
Ideal for drawing, it is also suitable for decoration, printing and...

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