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Canson Mixed Media

Mixed Media


Mixed Media, also known as multi-technique, consists of combining different tools (pencil, watercolour, ink, felt-tip pens...) on the same surface. Canson® Mixed Media papers are durable and versatile, offering artists the possibility to explore various interactions to create without limits.

Artist Series Mixed Media

Canson® Artist Series Mixed Media is a heavyweight, dual surfaced paper (fine and medium texture) for wet and dry media with excellent erasability. 


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XL® Mixed Media

Canson® XL® Mixed Media features a heavyweight, fine textured paper with heavy sizing for wet and dry media.

It erases well and blends easily.


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XL® Mixed Media Rough

A heavier weight and courser surfaced mix media paper that allows more generous use of wet media and easily grabs hold of dry pigments.

These wire bound pads have micro-perforated true...

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XL® Fluid Mixed Media

XL® Fluid Mixed Media has been specially designed for liquid mixed media techniques, including acrylic inks. Perfect for students, it is also an ideal paper for all liquid...

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XL® Dry Mixed Media

XL Dry Mixed Media is a paper made from organic, renewable materials. Its special texture allows pigment retention and is an ideal paper for all dry techniques (including pastel, charcoal, carbon,...

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Graduate Mixed Media

Canson® Graduate Mixed Media pads feature white, durable, lightly textured paper. Containing 20 sheets of 200g/m² paper, they are perfect for mixing techniques and achieving...

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