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Cansn Graduate

Graduate Series


The Canson® Graduate range has something for every use: sketching, drawing, mixed media... It will help you get started and practice effortlessly with a perfect combination of paper and technique.

Graduate Sketch

Canson® Graduate Sketch pads feature a lightweight, slightly bulky white paper. Containing 40 sheets of lightly textured paper on which it's so easy to rub things out, they’re...

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Graduate Drawing

Canson® Graduate Drawing pads feature a durable and lightly textured white drawing paper. The surface stands up to repeated rubbing out without creating lint. These pads contain 30...

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Graduate Watercolor

Canson® Graduate Watercolor pads feature white, durable, fine grain paper. They contain 20 sheets of 250gsm paper.

Perfect for getting started with watercolours and achieving...

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Graduate Mixed Media

Canson® Graduate Mixed Media pads feature white, durable, lightly textured paper. Containing 20 sheets of 200g/m² paper, they are perfect for mixing techniques and achieving...

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