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Canson® and the Louvre

Along with our shared passion for art and artists, Canson® and the Louvre have the same goal: to give as many people as possible access to art, and to make art understandable and accessible.


This is why Canson® has been a partner of the Louvre's educational workshops for over 10 years. The activities, which take place in the Studio's workshop rooms and the museum's exhibition halls, allow participants to explore the keys to creation, to learn about techniques, to discover civilizations and to discuss great works of art.


Since 2019, in addition to drawing paper, the F.I.L.A. Group has been supplying the Louvre's studios with all the products necessary for the students, amateurs and artists of all ages who come to practice their techniques and to express their creativity.


As a patron of the Department of Graphic Arts, Canson® has also enabled the restoration of the preliminary cartoons by Charles-Philippe Larivière (1798-1876) for the Royal Chapel in Dreux, as well as the restoration of about ten albums of drawings per year, such as the Tangiers album by Eugène Delacroix. These restorations ensure the preservation of our collective heritage by preventing the risk of deterioration of works damaged by time. This restoration work also involves the publication of reproductions so that future generations will be able to view the albums of drawings. This long and meticulous work has been made possible thanks to the intimate relationship which has existed between the Louvre and Canson® since 2010.


In 2023, Canson® will also be sponsoring an exhibition that will present the masterpieces of the Capodimonte Museum of Naples within the collections of the Louvre, for a striking dialogue through the unique partnership between the two museums. More specifically, Canson® will contribute to the graphic arts section in the Salle de l'Horloge, where four masterpieces of drawing from the former Farnese collection will be on display: an autograph cartoon by Michelangelo, a masterpiece by Raphael and two works by other artists will be displayed alongside works by Raphael and his students held in the Louvre. 


The partnership between Canson® and the Louvre is meaningful for the Canson® brand, and also for our customers and employees who are proud to be part of the history of this prestigious museum.