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The Protection of Water Resources

The Canson® paper pack is 100% printed with water-based inks »

Water is the main natural resource we use for the manufacturing of Canson® paper. For us, the quality of the water in the surrounding rivers is an everyday concern. 
To go even further in water protection, we have committed to the eco-design of our products, in order to reduce their ecological footprint "from the cradle to the grave".

Quelles sont les modifications que vous avez apportées à la conception de vos produits ?

Firstly, we now only use water-based inks for the printing of the drawing paper pack and for graph paper. Moreover, for the production of glued pads, we now use a neutral glue which, in addition to environmental benefits, allows the preservation of the artworks.
Within the framework of our ISO 14001 environmental certification, one of the main environmental concerns is water. We take particular care to preserve water by:
 - Moving treated water through a high-performance, eco-friendly purification station (built in 1993 and improved over the years).
 - Progressively decreasing the amount of water we use.