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Liran Vardiel

Liran Verdial is a contemporary painter, 33 years old from Israel.
Painting is his passion from childhood and he likes to paint and create more than anything else, through his works He looks and lives the world from different points, values of love, freedom and self-fulfillment. He characterizes his works through different colors and themes. 

Liran started to draw and paint at a very young age as part of social struggle. He used painting to process his feeling and contact the other.

Now days Vardiel is intrigues by The visual language in a public space which makes him create a connection between contemporary styles, the graphics and colors against rough walls, the visible against the hidden, the old against the new, conservative against liberal. 

Vardiel’s art is versatile and in the last two years he mainly focuses of Origami folding as a central object that characterizes the works with a surreal combination of a new world for paper folding with acrylic and oil paints or pencil and carbon sketching. 

Varidel also invest in the younger generation and leads different painting and sketching workshops across Israel. His community track and communicate with him with through his various social cannels which are highly popular.


"In the charcoal and graphite drawings, I mainly use Canson® 1557 block paper, fine grain, paper thickness 180 gsm, the paper has high durability and also an excellent contrast in colors. When I work with oil / pastel based pencil colors, I mainly draw on brown / gray paper from the Canson® "C" à Grain block series.
The paper is comfortable and ideal with a fine grained texture and balances the texture of the colors, the thickness of the paper 250 gsm allows you to work in layers without damaging the paper and also this type of block is suitable for drawing in any dry medium in a comfortable and easy way."