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Javier Roig Jiménez

Javier Roig Jiménez is a drawer and painter, graduated in architecture from ETSAV -Polytechnic University of Barcelona.
His passion for drawing and painting led him to take the path of art and to found the Lumombro Art academy, where he is a teacher and is dedicated to training and sharing the necessary tools to learn to draw and paint, through courses and face-to-face and online workshops.
Javier finds in the still life, the landscape and the portrait the perfect excuse for pictorial creation.
He believes that things are understood in a different way when one paints them, and both drawing or still life painting and landscapes allow him to analyse and understand how light behaves on different textures and lighting conditions.
About the portrait, he enjoys finding those small clusters of details that people have and make us so different from each other, his challenge is to capture and represent them faithfully.
He paints mainly in oil, a technique that allows him to develop his work with greater precision, through transparency, transitions, and the chromatic richness that oil offers. In addition, his drying times are in keeping with his calm and curious personality.
You can find him personally painting in his workshop and in the online world creating content for his YouTube channel and social networks, where he shares demonstrations, capsules of knowledge and tips on drawing and painting topics.

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In Canson Figueras paper, I have found the perfect paper for oil painting. One of the things I like the most is that it has a linen fabric texture that visually simulates the same appearance that a painting on canvas would have. In addition, one of the great qualities that I find in the Canson Figueras paper is that the brushstrokes flow smoothly, unlike other oil papers that absorb the oil almost immediately, in the Canson Figueras the oil stays cooler and as Consequently, a brushstroke is achieved that glides very smoothly, which makes it easier to paint the transitions. It is a highly recommended paper.