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Follow and join in #cansontober on Instagram.

September 20 2023

This year, we're inviting you to take part in the #cansontober challenge on Instagram alongside the talented artist @Kaevane.

Do you know about Inktober®? It's an Instagram event initiated by the brilliant illustrator, Jake Parker. Well, mix Ink and October, and you get Inktober®! The challenge is to create an ink drawing each day on a given theme. The idea is that we practise, develop our skills, move away from the themes we usually draw, and that we do so every single day. All in all, rather a nice challenge!


This year, we'll be taking our imagination on a trip through a whole new list of themes that we've devised in collaboration with the artist, Kaevane. We've chosen to draw shop fronts. Kaevane will be doing just that on our Instagram page @cansonpaper, day after day, using the Canson® Illustration range of papers. We're in for a treat!

If you'd like to take part in this challenge too, feel free to use the hashtag #cansontober. Use your pencils, felt pens, inks or watercolours to glide across the paper (preferably Canson 😉 ) and draw a different façade each day, following the creative and imaginative themes on the Cansontober list. We're looking forward to seeing your work, and we'll repost our favourites on our story!

And that's not all; we are taking this opportunity to offer you a little incentive: fill in our form to participate.

At the end of the month, we'll draw 5 winners. Each winner will get:
-    One A4 Canson® Illustration pad
-    One A4 Canson® Illustration Manga pad
-    One A4 Canson® Illustration Lavis pad
-    An assortment of Lyra Aqua Brush markers
-    An assortment of Lyra Rembrandt Art Design graphite pencils.

This contest is open to the whole world.



A few words from Kaevane:

"I've thoroughly enjoyed bringing you completely different content for Inktober for several years now!
My challenges have included the tarot theme (that story has gone a long way, incidentally), the special YouTube Inktober and even the one on the first pages of famous books made on Twitch.
This year, I'm going back to more traditional creative work, and I won't be on my own: I've got Canson® backing me up!
I'm thrilled that the Canson® team has put their trust in me, and I'm very happy to take them, and especially you, with me, through my favourite theme: Shop fronts 💫. Shop fronts are like works of art that you don't pay too much attention to. Each one is marked by its period, its country, its climate and what it contains. I love telling stories, and just this little section of a building can tell a lot. I can't wait to hear the stories you'll be telling us as you follow the Cansontober Shop front special!"


Find out more about Kaevane:



Happy Cansontober, everyone!