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Art Book Canson Saunders
Art Book Canson Saunders Saunders  Waterford Art Book Saunders Waterford®

Saunders Canson® Waterford® Art Book

With its 300g/m² weight, the watercolour art book provides the ideal conditions for easy drawing, wherever you are. Give free rein to your imagination with the watercolour art book.

Ideal for watercolor
 - Cold pressed
 - Natural white
 - Weight:  300 gsm
 - 40 pages / 20 sheets

  • 100% cotton 100% cotton
  • Qualité archivage Qualité archivage
  • Mould-made Mould-made
  • Acid-free Acid-free
  • Without optical brightness additives Without optical brightness additives
  • Mould-resistant treatment Mould-resistant treatment
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With its 300g/m² weight, the watercolour art book provides the ideal conditions for easy drawing, wherever you are. Give free rein to your imagination with the watercolour art book.

Watercolour is a water-based technique and therefore requires the use of a lot of water. So it's essential to choose good quality paper that can withstand this type of work without compromising the final result! 
The Canson® Saunders Waterford® Art Book contains exceptional watercolour paper, manufactured traditionally on a cylindrical form. It is a high-quality paper, made at St Cuthbert's Mill and approved by the Royal Watercolour Society.
It is made exclusively from cotton and complies with conservation standards. Each sheet is buffered with calcium carbonate to protect the artwork from discolouration caused by the acids present in atmospheric pollution.
Its exceptional surface is created using natural wool felts to create a unique random texture. The surface is coated with gelatine to strengthen the paper and make it resistant to rubbing.


Preserve the radiance of each colour

With its refined structure and sensual feel, the watercolour art book is a true artist's paper, enhancing all your creations. It's the perfect medium for preserving the colour pigment in your illustration. In all circumstances, the watercolour art book guarantees a clean, detailed rendering that is faithful to your artistic ideas. 
Thanks to its excellent quality, the watercolour art book can be used for a wide range of techniques. You can use it to work with watercolours, washes, gouache, acrylics, ink, pastels, graphite, coloured pencils, etc. It can meet all your needs! 

A solid, versatile medium for illustrating your world

The thickness of the paper used for this watercolour art book ensures that the colour is perfectly absorbed, so that each of your brushstrokes can be defined with total precision. The watercolour art book comes in a standard weight of 300g/m², which gives it the advantage of not curling. As such, it's ideal for beginners to use for their first projects, as budding artists can paint using a large quantity of water without the risk of damaging the paper.
The elegant cover can easily be secured with the elastic fastening, and it also has a small pocket where you can keep all your souvenirs.
Thanks to its practical, unobtrusive format, you can take the watercolour art book wherever you go, so you can always capture your inspiration on the spot: on a train, during a journey, on a terrace, etc. No obstacle will be able to hold back your abundant creativity! 

Art Book Saunders Waterford®

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